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This page is available via the shortcut nx.bit on Namecoin/dot-bit enabled systems.

Current difficulty: 56851563263 (6% of Bitcoin difficulty)
Block height: 286761

BTC-e: 0.0002 BTC/NMC (2118545.6 minutes ago)
BTC-e 24h average: 0.0002 BTC/NMC
BTC-e & Bitstamp: 1.0304 USD/NMC

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Google: search insights for "namecoin"
Wikipedia: traffic statistics for the Namecoin article

Reddit: r/namecoin
Namecoin forum:

Updated every 17 minutes.
Sources: BTC-e,   Bitstamp,   DarkGameX (chain explorer)

Contact: phe
lix [at]   thread on the bitcoin forum

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