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Blockchained News
2014-02-25 Bitcoin Project of the Season   Winter 2014 - Winner: BitWasp thread
2014-02-25 As MtGox finally seems to be insolvent I removed all MtGox charts and numbers from the site. Bye Gox. I'll try to find the time to set up some Bitstamp charts.
2014-02-12 Important info on transaction malleability by D&T: thread
2013-09-17 Zero Reserve - a Retroshare based Ripple without XRP/premine (alpha) - thread
2013-08-29 Donate to Ed Snowden - Wikileaks page (BTC address at the bottom) - thread
2013-08-26 CoinJoin - Improving Bitcoin Privacy using Shared Transactions - Support this idea: thread
2013-06-01 Bitcoin-Qt patched with CoinControl (beta!)
2013-04-15 New song: I almost had it all / blame it on MtGox - thread

Participate / support, watch teaser: Bitcoin - the documentary 100% Bitcoin funded - website - thread
2013-02-19 PyBitmessage: Bitcoin based encrypted messaging - thread - also lets you use Bitcoin keys to
encrypt/decrypt messages in a script- my excited thread
suggestions welcome: news [at]

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