23625.00 USD/BTC   21730.73 EUR/BTC   1.087 USD/EUR
(Bitstamp 2 min. ago)

Bitcoin Network
Current difficulty: 39,350,942,467,772
Estimated next difficulty: 39,323,836,860,365 (-0.1%) in 12 days and 14.3 hours
Block count: 774,268
Coins generated: 19,276,681 (91.8%)
Current theoretic yearly inflation: 1.71%
Estimated next halving date: 2024-04-30 14:57 (CET)

Bitcoin Market
Bitstamp: 23625.00 USD/BTC
Market cap: 455,411,588,625 USD

Some links
Bitcointalk: Wall Observer charts overview

Google Trends: search insights for "bitcoin" (see also the green curves; note that gtrends *follow* price)

Wikipedia: pageviews of "Bitcoin"

Reddit: r/bitcoin

Coinmarketcap: Market Capitalizations Top100

Charts released as CC-BY-SA. Data and charts are updated every 17 minutes.
Sources:,, Bitcoincharts, MtGox (old data), Google Trends for 'bitcoin' beta! (multiple timeframes combined), Bitstamp
Note that the long term charts are a blend of MtGox (before 2013) and Bitstamp (from 2013-01-01).

Please note that there is no natural scale relationship between difficulty and price and the scales are chosen arbitrarily just to fit nicely.
The fit curve is an exponential percentual to the chart least squares fit - in other words: I played around until it looked good.

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